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SEMSCIO helps startups to help create their R&D concept and move towards product commercialization. In working with our customers, we have noticed that startup businesses need various degrees of assistance with different parts of their businesses. We have fulfilled this need through customized teaching, which includes company team development to market research to technology plan development. We have also noted that many startups have similar needs, roadblocks, and challenges. Therefore, we aim to help deep tech companies to navigate these roadblocks.

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It can be difficult to compile a grant proposal with everything else on your plate.

Scrambling at the last minute to put together a proposal

Finding out that you are missing key requirements

Missed deadlines and lost opportunity

Take time to compile your proposal and fine-tune key aspects of your business
  • Easy communication
  • Tackle the proposal process in manageable chunks
  • Work directly with an expert engineer

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Here’s how our proposal process works

1. Give us the required content

Just follow our simple preparation checklist to gather the materials we’ll need.

2. Provide feedback on each section as we compile it

Setup calls with us to discuss each process step and request changes.

3. Complete your proposal

We can help with final reviews and editing and even submit your proposal for you.

Since the company’s inception, SEMSCIO has served over 100 STEM and R&D entrepreneurs and small businesses. SEMSCIO has helped clients with SBIR/STTR proposals for the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Education (DoEd), NASA, Department of Defense (DoD), National Institutes of Health (NIH), as well as the other federal organizations that offer SBIR/STTR funding. We are uniquely experienced with supporting entrepreneurs in preparing competitive SBIR/STTR proposals both in building a solid company team and technology foundation along with the actual proposal itself.


We have helped 100+ organizations successfully complete their proposals.
Our mission is to help you succeed at developing your technology.

We’ve met countless business owners who want to apply for non-dilutive funding, but don’t have the expertise. Therefore, in these cases, the process may never get started. SEMSCIO was created to help you through the grant funding process and help you to compile a business roadmap and proposal that makes you proud.

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