Preparing Your First SBIR Proposal
Collen Spiegal, Ph.D

During this class, participants will develop and fine-tune their ideas for their businesses and proposals. This will include critically examining of each section and determination of next steps through real-time feedback from Dr. Spiegel. The class will meet twice per week for 1.5 hours per class. The course will consist of in-class activities and homework designed to help you write a winning SBIR proposal. During the course, we’ll cover the following topics.

  • 1.What is a grant and where do I get one?
  • 2.The SBIR Program
  • 3.Overall project brainstorming

  • 1.Registrations
  • 2.Website development
  • 3.Competitive advantages
  • 4.Proposal outline
  • 5.Your team

  • 1.What is the problem that your grant will fix?
  • 2.Market Research
  • 3.Competitive analysis
  • 4.Market entry strategy
  • 5.Pricing your product
  • 6.Commercialization financing

  • 1.Prototyping
  • 2.TRL level
  • 3.Project Outcome
  • 4.Technical Risks
  • 5.tellectual Property

  • 1.Company mission
  • 2.Company story
  • 3.History
  • 4.Modeling another company
  • 5.Company team
  • 6.Consultants
  • 7.eaming with a university

  • 1.Creating the Timeline
  • 2.Detailing the tasks
  • 3.Challenges in completing each task
  • 4.Milestones

  • 1.Facilities
  • 2.Biosketches
  • 3.Current and Pending Support
  • 4.Letters of Support and Collaboration
  • 5.Finalizing your Proposal and Submission
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January 10, 2022

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