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Our free guide Create a Winning Grant Proposal provides advice along with a workbook to help you compile important aspects of your proposal. Critical sections include. (1) identifying the significance of your product, (2) conducting market research, (3) deciding on our preliminary market, and (4) figuring out how to build your product.

Problem Significance: A common error that engineers, scientists, and inventors make is thinking that their technology is so great that it will sell itself. A critical step is figuring out a problem that needs to be solved and how your business will solve it.
Market Research: There are many different ways to conduct market research and these include conducting a competitor analysis, researching market size and growth, and patent analysis. The combination of approaches may depend upon the maturity of your market.
Preliminary Market: This is another commonly overlooked step for new business owners. Breaking a new technology into the market is not easy, therefore, a small, niche market must be targeted.
Create Your Product: Creating a plan for the building of a new product can take work and the complexity of today’s products usually require a unique team of skills and expertise. By entering your information, you will automatically receive our FREE guide and be subscribed to valuable grant information and updates. You can unsubscribe at any time and your information is kept 100% confidential and never sold.
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Create a Winning Grant Proposal

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